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To succeed online or in business generally for that matter, you need a brand. It’s not enough to simply start spamming the web with content and emails.  You need to ensure that you have thought about who you want to be, how you are going to gradually raise awareness of you and your products.  Know how you are going to be recognized as who you are and gradually increase the number of potential customers to your services and products.  It is about learning how to create loyalty and a bond between your followers and customers they will always call upon to fulfill their needs.

Recognizing Brands

BrandingWhen it comes to brands…we have all be exposed to numerous way products or their manufacture is branded.  Form logos, to slogans, catchy lyrics and ever personal names.  Just mention of a company name or product the company logo comes to mind. Brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, General Electric, General Mills and more are literally branded into our memories…(sorry if I didn’t mention your favorite brand).  Just like cattle with their brand marks, industry leaders burnt in an everlasting mark on us all.  We even walk around like living bulletin boards advertising their brands and products we so love…what’s even crazier is we pay for those items we wear to advertise for them.  It’s no wonder why branding is such a powerful marketing tool.

Here we will look at how you too can create a strong brand and then grow it to the point where you will be recognizable authority thought-out the net.  We’ll go through why you need a brand if you’re running an online business, we’ll look at the basics of what a brand is, in this post and future post to come.  We will also look at the tools and techniques needed to create a brand that works for you in a highly effective manner.

Why You Need to Establish a Brand to Succeed Online?

Setting an Online Presence

It is somewhat possible to succeed online without a brand by doing so it is going to be a lot harder and you will seriously be limiting your potential for growth and for profit in the future.

Let’s assume for a moment that your business model is predominantly online. Okay let’s say that you are selling some type of digital products or affiliate products of some sort.  First of all any affiliate marketer know your first key objective is going to be to grow the amount of traffic visiting your site and to then establish trust with that audience so that they will eventually be interested in buying what you have to offer.

This will be almost totally next to impossible to accomplish if you haven’t first built a brand and linked it to your site and your content.


Branding physcology





The Psychology of Branding:

  1. Someone finds one of your articles on social media or through a Google search, they enjoy it and then moves on to other things; remember no one becomes an “overnight fan”.
  1. During another search or through another post they then find themselves coming across another post or two of yours. They read this, enjoy it and remember that they enjoyed the last thing you wrote about too.
  1. Sometime later they come across you a couple more posts and they are impressed each time.
  1. They now consider you a reliable/entertaining resource.
  1. The next time they’re looking for content in your niche, they will search for their question and your URL.
  1. They find your site and hopefully they’ll take some time to look around the other content on your site and subscribe to your newsletter.
  1. They may even then bookmark your site or subscribe to your RSS feed.
  1. They may return to subscribe to you on social media and/or add you to their friends or contact list.
  1. They will then become more likely to consider buying your e-books or recommended products when they are offered by your email follow-ups from your list they subscribed too.
  1. If they enjoy the product, they seek you out and will be much more likely to buy from you repeatedly in future.


After this lengthy process, you have finally turned a first time visitor into a paying customer.  But note how much more difficult that be without establishing a strong and consistent brand.  Without a catchy site name and logo, how would they know that they were on your website or blog again the next time they found it?  There is no doubt that without a clear sense of identity and a clear mission statement, would they ever even consider subscribing to you in the first place.


Marketing Your Brand

Branding is who you areNow here is where many internet marketers make a big mistake. Within your social media network they tend to brand there product they are affiliated with.  Now why would they buy product(s) from you especially that there are two zillion other affiliates selling the same or similar products on the net.  Now an affiliated product means that you would be selling it at the same price they are, it’s fixed.  So you really aren’t going to attract customers because you out priced your fellow competitors.  What is it you have to do that is going to make them purchase from you and only you?


Your Branding! 

Here again you have to utilize branding.   Remember in Affiliate Marketing:

You need to brand “Yourself” not your product or business!

Brand YouYes, in this industry it is all about you, your personal credibility that you have to establish with your customers and followers.  It is what will make you stand out above the rest!  I don’t know how to stress this any clearer.  Go on Facebook and see how many marketers have their main page set with their product branding, not their personal branding.  Amateurs…you do not want to follow in their footsteps.  Sure they may sell some products; even some of them may be really lucky and hit it big time.  Mostly pure luck!  Do you want to gamble and see if you are as lucky as they are?  I surely hope you said “Hell No!”   Why would you even consider this?  It would be probably because someone else told you too or you don’t know better.  Most marketers don’t take the time to understand social media marketing and branding.

It is important to know that by branding yourself, you are able to market products and generate buzz more effectively because of the personal credibility you have established throughout social media.  Most importantly it will enable you to continue to build on your success on yourself not your product.

What make up brandRemember this you never want to be tied completely to your products.  If you did what would happen if you decided to drop them because of diminishing sales or for whatever reason may occur?  You would have to start all over branding new products again.  When you brand yourself you will always have your personal brand established and continue to attract and retain your customers.  By building a strong personal brand, people who have established credibility with will continue to seek out your credibility and will continue to purchase your products because they rely on your advice, services and products.

If you like to learn more about Personal Branding and how it can help you establish your social media presence. Then come join us in my Social Media Branding Group on Facebook…


I hope you found this an interesting and informing read…there will be more on this series about branding to come… 

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