Why Most Gurus Never Really Tell You the Whole Truth!



Maybe I’m writing about something most of you already know or have figured out…but for you nubies out there that don’t know about it, here are the facts.  Gurus tell you what you want to hear…not what they know is the total solution; they want to keep you wondering and looking for that magic solution for your internet marketing business.  They don’t want you to find a real solution, they want to keep taking your money…



unrealistic-claimsStop believing all those so called Gurus solutions that tell you they’re going to make your life simpler and make you rich over night. Unfortunately nobody has found that ultimate automated system that going to bring you tons of traffic that’s going to make you wealthy over night while you’re sleeping. I wish it was that simple! L.  How often do you get those emails that say… “How I made $1,879,236.47 in 90 Days” or “I just made $2000.00 in one hour flat”. Bla, bla, bla… Just trust me!  When they say that you should be running the other way!


disclamersDon’t you get it?  That’s exactly why they have disclaimers!  Nobody, yes nobody can promise you anything 100% for sure…Oh there is one thing I can promise is 100% for sure…you’re going to die some day!   They know you are looking for a solution to some marketing problem you need to solve. So they dazzle you with nothing more than gimmickry. If you believe them, they’ve got you!



Yes it is possible to make allot of money online in internet marketing…but let’s be real; there is no quick and easy way to do it!   It’s really totally up to you!  Learn the basics, they true and blue…it’s the system that truly works!  There are systems that can make your marketing life easier or help you get over that next hurtle, but they all follow the basics of marketing.  All the rest will leave you broke and will lead you astray!  How do I know?  I have fallen for them too…


how-to-get-rich-quickUnfortunately today there are many Gurus out there or people who are claiming to be one, bombarding us with unrealistic claims, preying on every newbie or struggling marketer vulnerabilities… Now I’m not saying all Gurus are bad or their system doesn’t work… in all probability it does in some way…but for a beginner, chances are it won’t.  This is why…



The one thing they had already when they tested there new system is their  List”…probably a rather large list at that… a list of proven buyers who are most likely to buy from them over and over again…It doesn’t matter what system they use…the odds are their list would probably buy whatever they are selling them. You see their list is made up of buyers just like you looking for the same fringing solutions.its-about-the-list So when they test drive their software they end up with skewed results that you most likely would never be able to replicate, let alone, I hope, want to follow their selling tactics. These so called Gurus are giving our industry a bad name…


Just remember this, in affiliate marketing or any almost type of internet marketing; the most important thing is “The List”. A list of clients that potentially buy…Now with that I said, don’t you go right out and buy some Guru’s “Magic List Builder”; sorry but that’s not the answer either!  Yes, you need a list, and a damn good one at that!  Creating a list like this takes allot of time, I could write whole article on, but let’s save it for another time…


The whole point of this article is to warn you to stay clear of what every frustrated or newbie marketer is most vulnerable of…The “Shining Object Syndrome”.  Don’t fall for it, you’re so much smarter than that think before you buy…If you just stick with the basics you will do fine…keep learning from people that are actually teaching these basics. They will never tell you you’re going to get rich over night using one of their systems. They will teach you how to be successful in your business.


Listen to them carefully, find someone that fits your style, then listen closely and learn!


dath-vader-on-computerIt is time to stop looking for those so called magic programs” or systems that they say will make you rich over night or make life so much easier trying to achieve it… Despicable Gurus are preying on your frustrations and your vulnerabilities when you’re struggling to get started.  Even I have fallen for them before… They are the Darth Vader’s of the internet and they want to lead you to the dark side so they can sell to you over and over again until you wake up to the fact the only thing that is happening is your going broke!



field-of-dreamsYes, they know already what you’re looking for. “If You Build It… They Will Come”.  Do you remember that line form the movie Field of Dreams?  So that’s why they develop what you want and need so desperately…package it nicely, market it and abracadabra they have the next magic product that is going to make your life easier or make you rich using it! It becomes your “Field of Dreams” 


It’s most unfortunate, that the time the only person that is getting rich is them… off of you who get little or nothing in return.  Hey, did you also know most people buy these products and never even try them…OMG!  Guess what I have done that also…I don’t think there is a marketer alive that hasn’t…so don’t feel bad if you’ve done that too!


Shiny Object Syndrome

Here is what happens next after you have tired that new shiny object you bought…you think to yourself “That didn’t work” I just don’t get it…maybe because it was too complex for me, there hast to be an easier way… let me see if I can find something else. Oh this guy has something…let me try that!  You will find yourself only feeling frustrated again and again… Sooner or later I you should wake up…or you probably just give up!




slot-machineYou see they want you keep looking that magic solution or system and they never want you to totally find it.  Yep, once again you have fallen into their trap!   It’s like playing a slot machine…it gives you a little pay off once in a while so you keep putting money in thinking you’re going to hit the jackpot sooner or later! You see…. this is exactly what they want you to do…as long as they keep you feeling this way, as long as you keep searching for a solution to your problem the more likely you will keep on buy hoping you’ll hit that jackpot!



burst-your-bubbleNow if you already bought into their BS because who they are and because they know must be the truth…that their product is somehow magical an going to make you rich fast and easy over night…Well, I hate to be the one to bust your bubble…This is so far from the truth… the truth is you’re going to have to work on this business just like you work any career you want to be successful in.  Yes, it is really is possible you can achieve a substantial income, more freedom so you can enjoying more of the pleasures life has to offer working in internet marketing.


Yes there are some programs and systems that can assist you in archiving success and even make it easier. The secret is that they pretty much follow the system already in place. There just some type of add on to something that would work perfectly without them. Yes some of them make things easier but if you don’t know what you’re already doing, then they can make things seem more confusing.


coaching-mentorsIf you really want to be successful in this business, just think about what it takes to be successful in whatever you do in life.  You already have one of the key elements, it took you time to learn that…it will also take time to learn the key elements in internet or affiliate marketing as well.  It’s all about learning…yes automation helps, but you have to learn works and what’s just smoke! Avoid the impulsiveness that makes you buy alternative solutions… Use your money to hire a reputable coach or mentor show you the ropes instead. Doing so will help and probably save you more time and money in the long run.


solution-puzzle-pieceSo stop believing that it’s all about what’s going on automatically behind the scene that is going to make you successful…applying what’s in front of it that will.  Imitate what everybody is doing, then implement it…once that works, then you finally start think about adding automation to make your life easier.  Yes you need some automation, like an autoresponder, and an optin form, sales funnel and payment merchant account, and that’s about it. Keep it simple, keep it sweet, and most importantly keep on learning and implementing what you learn immediately before you find yourself looking for that magic solution again!


The truth is Gurus don’t hold the answer to your success…You do!

Tell me your experiences…have you ever found yourself caught up in the shiny object syndrome?  Do you believe what I have told you are accurate with your own experiences?  Any questions feel free to ask…


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