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Brand YouIn my last post we were talking about how important it is as an Affiliate to brand yourself and not your products. I also talk about how important it is in building a strong personal brand which establishes credibility within your niche where your followers will learn to rely on your advice, services and products.  With learning that important factor, I am sure you have come to the conclusion that we definitely need to create that personal brand built around, and that by building that persona is a very good thing.

Why should you establish a personal brand instead logo or product branding? If you had read my last post about branding, you hopefully remembered I said that you never want to be tied completely to your products. With logo associated products, branding them only represents themselves. Should that product associated with its logo is no longer popular and is not profitable, you will have to reestablish a new brand all over again, resulting in allot of lost time and effort.

Your BrandNow with your personal brand you represent yourself, allowing you to then offer many different products in several different niches, and never find yourself having to re-brand because a product is longer desirable. Once you brand yourself  and your personal brand is established it will continue to attract and retain customers as long as you continue to maintain your established credibility to within those niches.

Creating your own credible personal brand help distinguish you, your services and products from other competitors within your niche. Your personal brand is certainly more than just a logo you may have chosen for your website or blog. Your logo should be a reflection of your personal brand, what you represent and your mission. It is by this that your will separate yourself from your competition. The loyalty that you establish with your followers through your personal brand should stand out above the various similarities of their products and services.

Brand AuthorityThe way in which you create your personal brand is by establish credibility with through your personal name, recognizing your personal brand as a credible source and your logo secondly. You also want your customers to associate your name to an image (photo) of you that is posted across on your about pages, i.e. on your blog, website and all social media platforms. Eventually when they see your photo they will associate your image to your name as well as someone they recognized as a credible authority within your niche. Your logo will then be associate to your personal brand through reinforced association which will become an extension of your name, mission and credibility to all your followers and customers alike. We call this your “BRAND AUTHORITY”!

What Aspects Make Up Your Brand?
You can get a better idea for what a personal brand is made up of by looking at the multiple aspects which are combined in order to create your said brand.

Aspects of a brand include:

• Your image (Photo)

• Your Mission

• Established credibility

• Your logo

• Your Logo’s color scheme

• Your website and web design (most likely to become associated to your logo as well as your industry and niche)

• Your advertising (which should feature your logo)

• Maybe a jingle used at the beginning/end of your videos (potentially, though not necessarily)

• A ‘tagline’ (recommended but optional)

• Maybe a mascot (I have seen this but most definitely optional)

• Your products (which should have a consistent design, packaging and language (which will feature your logo)

• Your advertising (which should feature your personal brand image, name and logo)

• Your services (which should have a predictability that makes them
reliable and consistent to your mission)

• Your content (if you are utilizing content marketing)

• Recognized similarity across all your social media accounts

• Your ‘mission statement’ (the goal of your business)

• Your values

• Your pervasive style

• Your attitude

You BrandIn conclusion, you can see your personal brand is actually made up of many things and certainly not just some fancy logo. Your mission statement and values are particularly important to consider and it informs your followers of everything you stand for and want achieve. Ultimately your brand it is a representation of your values in all you do, upholding to a certain standard that will make your customers want to deal with your business again.

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