Aiming for Success, How to Target Right Products to the Right Niches with the Hottest Buyers

BullseyeIt is quite easy for a beginning affiliate to find products to sell in comparison to finding buyers to sell them too.  For an inexperienced affiliate finding buyers is sort of like a new player playing a game of darts.  The new player throws the dart aiming to hit the bull’s eye.  With his very first throw he probably would be very lucky to even hit the board.  With each new attempt he improves his odds of zeroing in on his target.   This is also true for a beginner attempting make a sale as an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate marketer you have to have your eye on a target.  Knowing who and what you’re targeting is half the battle.  Internet marketers generally work in one or more niches.  A niche is a group of people with a common interest, like golf or weight loss etc.  We all know that there are plenty of buyers in any given niche, but every niche is different.  Some niches are only warm markets while others are red hot!  I don’t know about you but I would chose the red-hot buyer’s market any time.


Which NicheNow nothing says you can’t chose other niches that still produce a lower rate of sales.  It all depends on your interest and how much you desire goals.  To me, it is all about utilizing both my interests and resources to the best of my potential.  So are you wondering at this point where do we find these red-hot potential buyers?   Well there are numerous places to look…


Finding Red Hot Buyers

Actually, the best way to find hot buyers is to look at what are hot sellers.  This is sort of like killing two birds with one stone!  Not only areTarget Market you finding hot niche markets to sell in, you are also finding the products that the buyers are looking for.

There are two type of buyers that you will find in any particular niche you might choose to sell in

  1. The frantic or desperate buyer (needs a solution to solve an immediate problem)
  2.  The passionate buyer (Knows what he wants or think he does and buys it at site plus more)

The first group of buyers we will take a look at are called “Frantic or Desperate Buyers”.  These are my favorite type of buyer.  Desperation creates a self-call to action.  You really don’t have to do much other than present to them a solution for solving there problem at a reasonable price.  Usually it involves some type of financial crisis.  They usually are looking for a solution to finding money or ways to generate making money.  In most cases, the quicker the better.


Money ProblemsWhen it comes to money solutions, most people have probably waited until the last moment to try and procure a solution. These people are desperate, very desperate!  They are so desperate they are willing to spend more money to get or make money.  It’s no wonder that even though Payday Advances companies charge extremely high interest rates to people they will still sign up for their services.  These folks ready to buy and have their credit card in their hands searching earnestly for some type of a solution.


Now I don’t approve of taking advantage of their desperation in that way, and I hope you don’t, because it is a sure way of losing potential repeat customers.  I really prefer helping them find an easy solution to making money.  If you do that you will have them coming back for more!


Steve Jobs iPhoneYou second group of buyers we call “Passionate Buyers”.  I am sure you are familiar with these type of buyers.  You might even be one…  These buyers are generally and easy sell, they will buy almost anything as long as they think they are getting a deal. While other passionate buyers will buy it no matter what the cost.  It just has to appear to them that they can’t live without it or they are brand loyalist who want to have a newest release of a high demanded gadget (Apple iPhone for example) because they want to be the first on the block to have it!


What is a Niche?

Niches are made up of groups of people with a common interest!  What is important to know is not all niches have red-hot buyers.  These are cold niches…Niche MoneyAs I mentioned earlier, we want niches full of red-hot buyers, “Buyer Niches”.   Buyer niches are generally places where they frequent or look occasionally for products or solutions for their problems or needs.   The question is where are these hot niches where buyers have money burning holes in their pockets?


If they are frequent buyers they usually subscribe or visit sites within a niche they have some type interest or need.   There are many places where we could search for these buyers.  Actually the best way is to start is keeping your eyes and ears open.  What are the things that most friends and relatives say they can’t live without?  Matter of fact, what do you find or think you can’t live without?


Another way to find hot buyers is look at what are the hot sellers.  Not only are you finding hot markets you are finding the markets where hot buyers hang out!  Places like eBay, Amazon and Clickbank have list of products.

For instance…

Nearly all marketplaces – eBay, Amazon, Clickbank – and others will also have a list of hot products.  Here are some links where you can look for hot products to offer:


  • Amazon Bestsellers: a large variety of of best selling Amazon products to offer:                        
  • The Electronic Marketplace, Clickbank:                                                          


ClickbankWhile eBay and Amazon both have affiliate programs, Clickbank is very, very popular with Internet Marketers.  One of the appeals of Clickbank products is that they are digital products – meaning they are great for impulse buys.  This is very appealing and motivates the buyer because they can purchase the product and download it and start using it get immediately.  There is nothing more motivating than immediate buyer gratification, and once they get that credit card out they are more likely to buy any upsell product you offer them.


So let’s say you are looking for a product loaded with hot buyers under the “Health &Fitness Category” listed in Clickbank.  First look for “most popular.”  And you find the top two products are “Fat Loss for Idiots”, and “The Truth About 6-Pack Abs” these product listings are great for impulse buyers.  Now your first product offer could be a watered down version of “Fat Loss for Idiots” and your upsell can be the complete premium version.  Or you upsell could be “The Truth About 6-Pack Abs”.   Actually the possibilities are endless, just think of all the different ways you can present to them in your sales funnel. (More on Sales Funnels in future posts).


CPA Affiliate Marketing Offers

Cost Per ActionCPA (Cost per Action) is actually another way that we can make money that is similar to affiliate marketing so I will include it here. It really is a way of leading traffic to the offer.  Here you get paid for each potential buyer you bring to the offer.  They don’t have to buy anything for you to get paid.  How this works is they are utilizing you for their traffic source, like PPC (Pay for Click) but you are the supplier of the clicks.


How this works is they are willing to paying you for each prospect of you bring to them.  They pay you a percentage of actual buyers to their offers .  Some of them will even pay you a commission should the prospect buy the offer as well.   Since you would normally have to drive traffic to you own offers, this saves time finding or developing a product to sell yourself plus setting up sales pages etc.  All you have to do is supply is supply the lead traffic.  If you supply them with profitable buyers they will keep coming back for more and my even pay you more per prospect.  Plus if you’re really smart, you can capture leads and be building your own list at the same time.


In my next post we will talk about ways you can become a successful affiliate!

Please take time to leave me a comment below or ask questions on how you can become MY Next Successful Affiliate…

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