Starting off with Simple Methods in Marketing Automation can Make Your Life Easier and Wealthier!

Need for Automation




Choosing the Right Automation Can Allow You Time Flexibility and Create More Income Without Breaking Your Bank!


Many have heard that working as an Affiliate Marketer is a possible way of achieving a flexible lifestyle while creating a substantial income to enjoy life.  Unfortunately after diving into this industry many are telling a different story. They find that internet marketing isn’t as easy as they have heard or appears to be.


Many Marketers find themselves investing more and more time into their online business before they realize that they have exchanged one job of being tied down for another of being chained to a computer instead.  Now all the comforts of working at home are starting to feel more and more like a prison.


So what gives?  Is it really possible to make a living being an internet marketer and still have plenty of time left over to enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer?  The answer is YES!  With the use of automation and learning some basic marketing tactics along with a few technical tricks you too can start making money online.


Internet Guru

Internet Guru

Now let’s me make one thing clear…Many a Guru is going to hate me for saying this…Don’t believe or buy every little app or program that they promise you to make big money with while working totally on autopilot will work!  This is nothing more than a half truth…There is a reason they want you to believe in this, but I am not going to get into that now… I will cover that in my next post…“Why Most Guru’s Never Tell You the Whole Truth!”



Utilize Basic Automation Methods that Work

There is one thing that you have to realize about marketing automation…more is not better!  You need to maintain some type of control over your marketing.  Once you attempt to run everything totally on autopilot things will eventually go astray, leading you towards disaster.  What’s more doesn’t take very long for that to happen…after all its automated!


As a beginner you want to keep your operation streamed lined by using the basics, in the end you will end up saving more time, money and headaches from letting everything run automatically into the ground.  Try utilizing the basic marketing automation that everyone uses when first starting out… Later when you have more experience you can try to experiment with other automation systems.




Email Marketing

Email marketing  is a great method of attracting potential buyers.  It does take some time to master how to convert buyers into sales with your emails.  Believe it or not, it is still the number one method of converting buyers consistently.  The best way to automate this marketing method is to use an autoresponder.


Most Popular Autoresponders

Most Popular Autoresponders


Autoresponders have been around a long time. Autoresponders are quite efficient and have helped emailing maintain the number one method of helping making sales more efficient on the internet. Even Amazon uses them…  Actually, you can’t be successful marketer without them.  What great is that they are easy to set up, easy to use and there are many to choose from; each one of them having many advantages and disadvantages that go along with using them.  As a whole they still can out work any other method!


(I am not affiliated with any of the service links mentioned in this article below.)


My first choice is AWeber, (‎) which I think is the best and most repeatable auto-responder’s in the industry; AWeber is thought of as the King of all autoresponder systems!   It is friendly and easy to use, offering quick response and spam filtering along with many other features.  With spam filtering all imported emails have to be verified before being accepted into your mailing list as active.   I hate spam and knowing that they don’t allow it makes me a big fan.


GetResponse ( is another popular autoresponder.  GetResponse is a little friendlier allowing you to import email lists that have been previously verified.  They may request a partial verification of your list.  Should you upload a large list they may request a complete verification of the list before you can use it.   So if you’re smart take those larger lists you have and break it down into smaller increments so you can add them over a period of time.


Utilizing both AWeber and GetResponse in your business also gives you some redundancy.  I believe you should have a backup just in case anything goes wrong with either account.  Also you need to back up a CSS copy of your list to be on the safe side.  The worst thing that can happen to a marketer is lose or have a list they cannot access.


Mailchimp (‎) is another mail system best for those of you just starting off on a real tight startup budget.  They do offer price plans…  Just remember when starting out you want to keep your expenses low; advertising will be your largest expense.   They also let you import list with little verification, because of this they have created a reputation for allowing some spamming…I believe they recently tighten up imported list verification requirement’s a bit.  I will let you use your own digression with dealing with that.   What is great about them is they do offer free accounts for their services up to a limit.


 Never Spam

Never Spam!


Avoid Spamming

Don’t be like others marketer who spam…it will eventually ruin your credibility and you may find yourself being block by even your autoresponder provider and end up losing your list.



Recruiting Affiliates

One of the best methods I know to automate selling your own products on automation is to start-up your own affiliate program.  This allows other people to promote your product while being paid a commission for each sale.  If they don’t make any sales, they don’t get any commission. They run and pay for their own campaign expenses.  All you need to provide to them is your product you’re offering, a landing page with optin box, sales funnel with multiple offers, and a payment processing system coupled with a product delivery provided by your autoresponder or an affiliate site.


Commission percentages

Commission percentages

Obviously, you need to pay them enough commission to make it worth their while. Just giving them a few dollars commission is not going to motivate anyone for very long.  So you may need to offer attractive…30, 40, 50% or even higher depending on your business model and product strategy.  In the long run it cuts your advertising cost along with the time you spend marketing your products so you actually make the same as if you marketed it and paid the cost of promoting it.



With each new product or project you just develop the product, funnels etc., and once your finished then you just need to hire your affiliates and let them run with it.   This leave’s you with monitoring it, servicing it, (which you can farm out) then you just sit back and rake in the cash while working on your next product; then start the whole cycle all over again.  Your affiliates are a group of private subcontractors selling your products for you.  Sure takes a lot of pressure off of you and allows you to be more creative while running your business plus having some free time to travel and what you like!

Balancing Time & Money

Balancing Time & Money



Affiliates can equal more free time and more money.  They will promote your product for you; earn you more money, with a minimal amount of effort on your behalf. So start thinking how you can run your own affiliate program and benefit from this fantastic leverage of your time and resources.




Affiliate Marketing Money

Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Cash!

There are many options for running an affiliate programs such as Paydotcom ( or Clickbank ( and JVzoo( and there are many more.  You could also host your products software on your web server and run if from there, or you can pay a monthly fee for someone else to host it for you.

These sites handle everything for you, and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the profits. In fact, for many marketers, use these services because they truly allow you to automate your business!  They handle everything for you – taking payment, paying the affiliate and paying you; which truly puts your business on auto-pilot, allows you to make money while you sleep. This is the best method to automate your business



In Conclusion

There are many productive ways to automate your marketing business…Don’t be fooled by the Gurus who will say they have the best system…Utilize the basic systems that have been proven over and over as reliable and profitable.  Stay away from systems that control or house your business platform.  What would happen if they close up shop or you decide you want to leave? You would have to start all over again. The wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented like they would like you to believe.  Many programs are very useful and can simplify your daily routine. Choose ones that have a proven track record then you can’t go wrong.

Remember you will only be successful in this business by utilizing and applying the marketing skills you learn, using simple automation just makes your life easier!


Keep your eyes open for my next upcoming post: “Why Most Guru’s Never Tell You the Whole Truth!”


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