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Do you find that one of the hardest things to do is to talk about yourself?  It surely is for me…
I surely do not like boasting  by any means… I’m not a braggart.  When I was younger I was extremely shy.  Today, my friends would say the contrary (Less the braggart part). Truly, though, underneath it all, I am still a bit reserved until I get to know someone I first meet.  You would never guess…I have been a teacher for the past 25 years!


You would think that a teacher is anything but shy.  They have to get in front of students and talk. Well, I managed to overcome this many years ago. It use to terrify me to death when I had to talk to only to a hand full of people.  One funny thing, though, I had been in a rock band when I was in high school.  Totally loved it…I wasn’t that afraid of being in front of an audience then.  It was fun!  So needless to say, I used that experience to overcome my many fears.  Now I find it fun and rewarding when I am in front of an audience?  This goes to show you, that you can overcome anything that is “willfully” holding you back!


Yes, “willfully”…we all know that “WE” can be our own worst enemies when it comes to making self-accomplishments.  For a chosen few in this world, it is easy, but for most of us, we use every excuse to avoid stepping out of our comfort zone; isn’t this a place we often love retreating too!


Right, about now you’re probably thinking why I haven’t really told you really anything about me!  Exactly…that is the point. I’m just want to show you an example of how most of us hide revealing our true selves to others.  This is why so many of us fail in becoming exceptionally successful in their lives.  I also am a prime example.  Now don’t get me wrong here…I am very proud of the many accomplishments in my life.  I have been and have not been very successful, many times over in my life.  Yes, I successfully attended the “School of Hard Knocks”.  Maybe you too have experienced this roller coaster ride.  Because of this I kept thinking…  there must be a better way, and if there is…I am going to find it!

It has taken me my whole career to figure this out.  My career started at age 22, after serving in the Army, from this point worked my way up from a shipping clerk,  to working in upper management in manufacturing for some 21 years.  I also owned a manufacturing company for a little over 9 years.  Then I made a major career change…I became a teacher for children with exceptionalities over the past 25 years; which I can say was very rewarding.  During my working career, I have found what I love doing most…that is being a leader and teacher.


Over the last 45 years, though, I finally came to realize, even after having a very rewarding career; that working for someone else was not fulfilling me anymore.  I felt used because  no matter how hard I worked, I was slowly making less with each passing year!  They expected me to work harder little or no increases in pay; they reduced fringe benefits; which attracted me work in the industry and later teaching in the first place! I thought once more…There must be a better way!  Like most of us, I had a dream, the dream that most of us probably have had while working that so-called normal 9-5 job most of our lives.  It’s a dream that many of us are afraid to peruse…“TO OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS”!



Scary as it seemed at that time, I somehow manage to scrape and borrow enough money from every source I could think of… including family, (that was the scariest part). I finally had stepped out of the box…and by doing so, I was doing what I thought impossible… finally I managed to put together enough money to start my own business!  So stop being afraid…You can do it too!  Its time to step out of your safety zone…It’s a fact that nobody can get ahead without taking chances!


I hope you continue to follow my journey here at My Next Successful Affiliate.  Hopefully, with my influence, you too will start your own personal journey and travel with me, towards achieving the success you have always dreamed of achieving!  Come join me and I will teach you the way…To become MY Next Successful Affiliate!

 Special Thanks:

I want to give special thanks to all my mentors: Peter Beckenham, (Marketing Coach).  Rita Kotecha (Social Media Coach) Gavin Mountford (Network Marketing Coach), Marc Lalonde, (Internet Marketing Coach), John Thornhill (Internet Marketing and Product Development Mentor), Billy Darr, (Affiliate Marketing Coach) I also like to thank my beautiful, loving and supportive wife Jane, and all my family and friends, and other  who have helped and influenced me to become who I am today.  Surely without the support of these people in my life I would have never have reached this stage in my journey.


I am look forward to continue my journey here and hope to meet and influencing others with achieving the success and quality of life they and desire to achieve,  for themselves and their family in many years to come.

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